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Challenge accepted by ICF Quebec

ICF Quebec is the Quebec chapter of the International Coaching Federation. In addition to encouraging high ethical standards in the practice of coaching, ICF Quebec offers coaches across Quebec places for discussion and continuous professional development.

For 30 days, ICF Quebec members were invited to participate in a weekly live breathing session to learn more on breathing techniques recognized to increase resilience and to allow you to take control of your mind. Between sessions, participants had full access to the Tripura mobile app to practice the newly learned techniques.

The challenge was for participants to breathe a minimum of 10 minutes daily using the techniques learned during the live sessions and then to practice them via the mobile application.

37 participants

High interest and high participation

37 members registered for the challenge from the get-go. Out of those, 35 installed the mobile app and 33 contributed to the final count of breathing minutes 

90% engagement

Engagement rate for the challenge

A whopping 9 participants out of 10 were active throughout the 30-day breathing challenge, contributing to the overall final minutes count

Project Name

30-day breathing challenge


ICF Quebec

Project Completion

September 2021

"Tripura Breath is a nice surprise! The app supports me and keeps me motivated in my daily conscious breathing practice. I appreciate the variety of programs and exercises offered. I feel well guided and confident. No way for me to stop. Thanks to Anne-Marie Denault and her team."
Josée Mireault
Certified coach (ICF)

A powerful new tool for coaches

Anxiety in the workplace is a serious problem. What can coaches bring to professionals to stay calm, rational, and productive when dealing with a stressful situation?

Tripura’s breathing challenge is a fun and engaging way for professional coaches to learn about powerful techniques useful to increase focus before an important meeting or to restore your energy on an afternoon slump.

Weekly tips

In addition to the weekly live session, participants received each week an email with different tips and educational content to sharpen their breathing technique skills

30-day access

During the challenge, each participant could install and use the Tripura mobile app as often as they liked

The results after 30 days

Each week the total count of minutes were accounted for and shared with all participants. By a sustained effort from the whole group, here are the final figures.

4500 minutes completed

More than 90% of participants contributed to the overall 4500 breathing minutes making for an exceptional group effort towards their final goal

High engagement

Engagement rates during the live sessions, the mobile app installs, and the open rates for educational content were all at or above 90%

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