Fellow Breathers,

We hope you are keeping safe and staying healthy.

As fall approaches, we are excited to share some upcoming news with you. With the growth of Tripura, we have managed to achieve special milestones. We’d like to share the news about our upcoming projects like the Corporate Breathing Challenge, the newest app update and some special previews of what’s coming up!

Our Corporate Breathing Challenge is in motion. September marks our first Breathing Challenge with ICF Québec! We’re excited to announce a 90% engagement rate which includes LIVE breathing sessions and free usage of our app for the duration of a month.
We have one spot open for our November challenge. We just kickstarted our next financing round. If your company or somebody you know is interested in joining the adventure, do not hesitate to contact us by emailing us at info@tripurabreath.com.
We’re excited about our next app launch!
V2 is coming very soon to the Apple and Google play stores. We’ll be releasing programs for intermediate and advanced levels, including a library of new exercises.
If you’ve ever heard of Breath of Fire or Root Locks, these are some of the ancient yogic secrets that will be revealed in the new upcoming release.
We’re very proud of the work accomplished so far by our developers and can’t wait for our users to try the new and improved version.
Stay tuned for more updates and our newest app release!