Fellow Breathers,
This fall season has been busy for Tripura Breath as our projects continue to grow. We’re excited to share the news with you on what’s to come. We wrapped up our first Corporate Challenge and would love to let you know how it went, and share some exciting news about an upcoming webinar we will be hosting.

ICF Québec Corporate Challenge

We’re proud to announce that ICF Québec completed our Corporate Breathing Challenge with a total of 4500 breathing minutes!

We’d love to congratulate these professional coaches on this incredible feat. Their high engagement rates (90%) and consistent participation, shows their commitment to their wellbeing.

We’re ecstatic to see new members join our tribe. Now they will be able to share Tripura Breath as a tool with their clients and continue the breathing revolution!

If you know anyone interested in a Corporate Breathing Challenge, let us know by emailing us at info@tripurabreath.com.

We have a few spots open for organizations to join in December 2021 and February 2022. Make sure to spread the word!

Tripura Webinar

For those curious about the Corporate Challenge, we are hosting a webinar on November 3rd at 12pm via Zoom.

In this webinar, Anne-Marie will be explaining the connection between the science behind breathing and the nervous system. She will share her experience with undergoing breath testing and will demonstrate some breathing exercises. The participants of this webinar will leave with practical tools for their everyday lives.

If you’re interested in including breathing techniques in the workplace to help your employees cope with anxiety, increase their focus and control stress levels, join us for this webinar.



With the abundant show of interest for the webinar, we needed to increase the maximum capacity to 300 participants!

We are looking forward to our first event. Make sure to invite your colleagues, they won’t want to miss it!