Are you ready for your company to embark on Tripura Breath’s Corporate Breathing Challenge?

Join us on November 17th at noon for our second webinar to find out how breathing techniques can positively impact your workplace.

Our informative “How To” webinar will provide all the details about how to join and how the challenge works. Creating a healthy work environment is essential for any company’s success. That’s why Tripura Breath is a practical tool to be added to any HR representative’s pocket.

We are offering a hybrid challenge that provides the Tripura Breath app as an accessible breath coach as well as live breathing sessions with a professional. We want to guide your employees through to a healthier work-life balance. The Corporate Breathing Challenge is designed to encourage teamwork to reach a collective breathing goal. Learn all about the benefits of breathing.

Join Tripura Breath’s Corporate Breathing Challenge today to help your employees focus at work, one breath at a time!