Since mid-October, we have been busy working on L’habitacle, the breathing session for the immersive conference En Équilibre, developed by SAT and Beneva focused on mental health, specifically on stress and anxiety.

The 12th of November was the first of four conferences at the dome of La Société des Arts et Technologies in Montreal. The event was presented by Émile Roy (director, videographer and animator), and Florence K. (singer, pianist and phycologist).Anne-Marie Denault, founder of Tripura Breath, kicked off the collective and immersive breathing session by sharing her personal story that began with a bicycle accident and led her to discover breathing techniques that saved her voice and ended up becoming her mission: to make breathing techniques accessible to everyone. The conference continued with Florence K and Émile Roy talking about anxiety and depression and how it’s been present in many famous writers, musicians and philosophers’ lives. And to end the conference, Florence K sang a famous French song, and the audience sang along.

There are two more conferences in December. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a collective, immersive breathing session with Tripura Breath and to learn about mental health with Émile Roy and Florence K in Montréal. Get your tickets


Tripura Breath breathing session
En Équilibre