As 2022 comes to a close, we took a moment to appreciate last year.

From January to December we worked hard at Tripura Breath, guided by our mission of helping individuals improve their health with ancient breathing techniques. Big thanks for your insights, comments, downloads, events… you make us move forward!

January was a month of prepping for the launch of the Tripura Breath application. We are targeting the B2C market, with an app that puts a full library of breathing exercises at your fingertips. With 4 different objectives and 3 levels, users can progress and reduce anxiety, manage stress, and improve their overall health.

In February we launched Tripura Breath app in Quebec. We were featured in several local news outlets. You can read the articles here: . Thank You to all the users that downloaded the app and started their breathing journey!

March and April were months of getting ready for the events that we had lined up for the next months and keeping the app up to date. 

May: we were honoured to be one of the companies offering a workshop for Cirque du Soleil employees during Mental Health Awareness Week.Anne-Marie hosted 2 Breathing sessions for the employees in English and French in different time zones. Thank you Cirque du Soleil for giving a breather with us to your employees!

In June and July  we started showcasing breathing techniques in the holographic box prototype we have at incubator Zú.  International delegations, Montreal-based companies and other startups were testing the holographic experience which is a representation of the VR breathing game in a way multiple users can see how it works while another person is doing the breathing exercise. 

Thanks to Zú staff for organising all the events and making sure everything was working well for us and to all the volunteers that tested the breathing experience.

August was a time to analyze the data we had collected and brainstorm how we could reach more individuals and specifically the corporate world.  And we came up with The Breathing Break, a B2B application.

We asked for your breath in July and August with the Your Breath Matters campaign, which helped us to improve our algorithm and thus help improve Canadian’s overall health. The campaign was a big success thanks to all of you! 

In September we were one of ’s referred startups at one of the most innovative events from C2 Montréal… What a great feeling to be back to live tradeshows,  face to face conversations. getting feedback on the spot, talking to other startups, listening to speakers, and meeting many people.

We presented our VR breathing experience, The Breathing Game and our little corner became a sanctuary of calm for people that needed a breather. 

C2 was a validation of our VR breathing exercise, The Breathing Game. The lack of distractions in a VR setting helped each user to connect with themselves, relax and to re-energise. 

Thanks to all the people that popped it to try The Breathing Game.

In October we were one of the exhibitors at the 3rd Wellness Summit,  Croissance Verticale hosted by Mindsmatter in Montreal. We are grateful to Mindsmatter to have invited us to such an inspiring event. 

In November and December, we continued adapting our VR breathing experience, The Breathing Game, to a dome setting and presented the result in the mental health conference En Équilibre in the Dome of La SAT in Montreal.  The conference was presented by two well-known Montrealers Florence K and Emile Roy that introduced the event with Tripura Breath’s collective breathing session guided by the intelligent coach, Tripura.Thanks to la SAT, and Beneva for having Tripura Breath as part of this conference.

And lately, we have been busy presenting The Breathing Break team-building activity to companies, in person via Zoom. Thanks to all the companies that included us as part of their wellness team-building activities for their employees. 

Last but not least, we have been working on our new B2B prototype The Breathing Date, which will be tested by companies in early 2023.

Thank you to all our followers, users, investors, advisors and friends and family for supporting Tripura Breath throughout 2022!

Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season!

And don’t forget to take a breath!